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Dancebreak is still on hiatus during 2020 Autumn Quarter, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.


Although Stanford University is continuing with academic instruction, the kind of gathering that occurs with social dancing is still prohibited. Please also consult:


We will update this website when social dancing is once more safe and permitted.


See also our Stanford dancing resource page, for information on and links to groups and activities that may still be active in some fashion despite the pandemic.


Last updated: 2020 September 14.


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Welcome to Dancebreak, Stanford's weekly social dance practica and party. We provide a practice for students taking Richard Powers's various Social Dance classes — and we do much more! (Click on the links to see videos of these dances.)


Rotary Waltz Salsa Lindy Hop Romany Polka
Polka Bohemian National Polka Cross Step Waltz Mixer Schottische
Night Fever Tango Zwiefacher 6-Count Swing
1-Step Bus Stop West Coast Swing Hustle
Bugg Cha-Cha Shim Sham Mazurka
Tokyo Polka Cross Step Waltz Redowa Nightclub 2-Step
Russian Mazurka Quadrille (Dawn Mazurka)


All students are welcome, even those not taking Richard's classes! Come alone, with a partner, or with all your friends!


When: (On hiatus until COVID-19 is over.)

(For all upcoming session times & locations, see the table below!)

Cost: Free!


NOTE: no street shoes are permitted in the studio. Please bring dances shoes. (You may also dance in your socks or bare feet.)


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We normally dance in Roble Gym's big studio 10-11:50pm. Sometimes, that changes (holidays, Dance Division rehearsals). Use the table below to confirm when and where we're dancing.


Previous locations this quarter:


For a list of previous locations before this quarter, look here.